Fiesta Water Park in Karachi – Tickets, Timings, and Much More


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Fiesta Water Park in Karachi –

The Great Fiesta Water Park, Karachi, is fantastic water park that offers lots of fun for everyone. It’s only 35 kilometers away from Sohrab Goth. The park is really big and has a beautiful environment that you’ll enjoy. There’s so much to explore, like twisty tunnels and waterfalls.

Grown-ups and adults can have a blast with 14 exciting water slides. You can float along the Lazy River or experience the thrill of the Hurricane Wave Pool. For kids, there are 17 water slides that are super cool. There are also many fun water sports and games to play. If you like slides and splashing around, you’ll have a great time!

Fiesta Water Park in Karachi –

The Great Fiesta Water Park is a place for families to have fun together. You need to come with your family—kids, parents, and maybe grandparents too. If school or office staff want to visit, there should be more females than males. At least 40% of the group should be female, and the maximum can be 60% male.

Fiesta Ticket Price: Affordable Fun for Everyone

The ticket prices for 2024 per person is around Rs. 1500/- which is designed to offer you an affordable way to enjoy a day of water-based excitement.

S. No.StudentStudent RateTeachers and Staff Rate
01Below 50 student no discountRs. 1500No FreeRs. 1500
0250  to 59 studentsRs. 800No Free05 @ Rs. 80005 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
0360 to 69 studentsRs. 800No Free06 @ Rs. 80006 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
0470 to 79  studentsRs. 800No Free07 @ Rs. 80007 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
0580 to 89  studentsRs. 700No Free08 @ Rs. 70008 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
0690  to 99 studentsRs. 700No Free09 @ Rs. 70009 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
07100  Plus studentsRs. 70005 Free05 @ Rs. 70010 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
08120  Plus studentsRs. 70006 Free06 @ Rs. 70012 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
09140  Plus studentsRs. 70007 Free07 @ Rs. 70014 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
10160  Plus studentsRs. 70008 Free08 @ Rs. 70016 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
11180  Plus studentsRs. 70009 Free09 @ Rs. 70018 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500
12200  Plus studentsRs. 70010 Free10 @ Rs. 70020 @ Rs. 1200Extra Rs. 1500

Note: Kids under 1 year enter the amusement park for free.

Timings: The park welcomes visitors every day of the week from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. The timings are: Saturday to Thursday, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM and Friday, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Note: Kindly avoid calling between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm as it corresponds to the park’s management break time.

Location: The main location of great fiesta is: Survey No. 25, Deh Amilano Tappo Kathore, Main Super Highway, Karachi

Rules and Regulations for The Great Fiesta Water Park,

  • Co-education schools are welcome, with a maximum of 60% boys and a minimum of 40% girls.
  • School packages are available for schools bringing more than 50 students on the same day.
  • To avail the school package, schools must book in advance through a Request Form, either delivered by hand or online. Confirm the date by calling 0336-3529940-41 or 0333-3529940-41.
  • Students must wear their school uniforms for entry; full rates apply without uniforms. Jeans are not allowed.
  • School packages are not valid on Sundays, during vacations, and on public holidays.
  • Ticket charges are non-refundable and cannot be transferred.
  • The management holds the right to change school package rates without prior notice.
  • Visitors should not interfere in management affairs.
  • The park is not liable for accidents or property loss.
  • Visitors must follow park rules; failure to do so may result in expulsion, and the Contact Person will be held responsible. Damaging park property is prohibited.
  • If any facility is closed due to technical issues, force majeure, or maintenance, there will be no compensation.
  • Glass bottles, weapons, inflammable items, and sports equipment (like cricket bats, footballs, and hockey sticks) are not allowed.
  • The management can change, delete, or add terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The right of admission is reserved.

Location Feasibility:

Furthermore, The Great Fiesta Water Park is located just outside Karachi and covers an expansive 55-acre area. With around 18 exciting rides for both adults and kids, it promises endless fun. You can find this fantastic water park on the M-9 Karachi to Hyderabad Motorway. It’s conveniently situated across the road from Bahria Town, Karachi.

For an alternative route to the Great Fiesta Park, take the National Highway and connect to the M-9 Motorway via a linking road. This route is near the Jinnah International Airport of Karachi, right before you reach the National Highway Toll Plaza.

Exciting Rides for Adults in Fiesta Water Park

  • Pendulum Ride
  • Boomerang Ride
  • Rainbow Ride
  • Free Fall
  • Big Monster
  • Turbo Cyclone and Cyclone
  • Aquatic Island and Lazy River
  • Wave Pool

Exciting Rides for Kids in Fiesta Water Park

  • Family Slide
  • Rim Jhim
  • Aqua Play
  • The Jungle
  • Mini Titanic Ship
  • Wave Cyclone Pool

Why Choose Fiesta Water Park for Family?

At Fiesta Water Park, we understand that our younger guests deserve their share of excitement too. Our specially designed rides for kids ensure that your little ones have a safe and joyful experience. Watch their faces light up as they zip down mini slides, splash in playful pools, and engage in water-soaked escapades crafted just for them.


1. Are only Boys Allowed?

This is Company Policy. Only Families Are Allowed.

2. What is the ticket price for Fiesta Water Park in 2024?

Find the latest ticket prices for 2024 on the website and enjoy affordable fun.

3. Can I book tickets online for Fiesta Water Park?

Absolutely! Book your tickets online through their website for a convenient experience.

4. Are there special timings for kids’ rides?

Yes, they offer dedicated hours for kids’ rides to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

5. Can I bring outside food to the park?

While outside food isn’t allowed, we offer a variety of dining options within the park.

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